GA118 4 AXES

Automatic guillotine for low pressure hoses up from 11 to 40mm

Technical specifications

  • Cutting operation with a lubricated circular blade numerically controlled
  • Hose driven by a caterpillar system digitally controlled
  • Tightening of the caterpillar system digitally controlled
  • Positioning of the coil turret with digitally controlled
  • Maximum uncoiling speed: 60 meters / minute Power supply: 400V TRI – 50hZ
  • Air supply: 6 bars
  • Product guided by a 12-positions coil turret
  • from Ø11mm to 40mm (others diameters on request)
  • capacity: 1000 programs : The operator selects one program number and enters the number of parts
  • Some messages appear on the screen, guide the operator and indicate defaults
  • Automatic cutting operation
  • Automatic loading and evacuation of the products
  • Dimensions: H x W x L : 1750 x 820 x 1650mm Weight: 45kg