For flexibles hoses up to 2’’6 wires

Technical specifications

  • Maximum cutting diameter: 130mm
  • Floor-mounted model with manual control
  • Single lever to bend and cut hoses
  • 7.5 kW – 400v tri – 50 Hz high torque electric motor
  • Bevelled blade: Ø520 x 40 x 4mm for flexibles up to 2’’4 wires
  • Serrated blade R13: Ø520 x 40 x 5mm for flexibles up to 2” 6 wires
  • Skiving tools completely removes the smoke and significantly reduces dust, improving working conditions
  • Supplied with a powerful dust-extractor
  • Connection nozzle with aspiration system (without vacuum cleaner)
  • Dimensions: H x W x L : 1310 x 1200 x 820mm
  • Weight: 350kg